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My need to marry form & function goes way back.  I bought my first power tool in Jr high with money from odd jobs.  Wanting to make something useful & no doubt influenced by the mid-century style of George + Jane Jetson of The Jetsons fame, I cut a kidney-shaped table top from plywood & attached screw-on '60s type legs from the hardware store.  I still own the power jigsaw but the table was most likely snatched up by aliens.


Now with a well-stocked shop & years of wood & welding experience, I can unleash the beauty I see in reclaimed wood & pair that with the stunning strength of steel.  Any function you need can be crafted into a form that will hold your entire attention.

Originally from WA, the Evergreen State, I now live in KS, the Hardwood, I mean, Sunflower State.  I enjoy spending time with my multi-gen family, sipping a good craft beer, listening old school to my turntable, playing tricks on my grandkids, cooking meat with smoke & fire and praying through my work.


Daniel Leach - SproutedSteel

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