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Railroad Spike Coat Racks

Railroad Spike Coat Racks

We are excited about the aged look of these newly added Coat Racks. The spikes were collected here in the Kanas City area where the history of the railway goes way back. They were deeply rusted from decades of hard use and exposure. Sandblasting exposes the raw steel. A darkening patina followed with burnishing shows the aged texture. Each spike tells its own story with its visible hammer blows, deformation, corrosion and  lettering. Finally a oil finish is applied to preserve them. The oak was selected to match this ancient look. Sandblasting again is used. This time to expose the grain but still preserve the story of its  past. It then goes through the multi step finishing process of enhancing and protecting. Although any size can be ordered we have shown the 3 & 5 hook designs.

3 Hook Rack - 28" wide x 6 1/2" tall x4 1/2" deep. $195
5 Hook Rack - 42" wide x 6 1/2" tall x4 1/2" deep. $235
All Racks are unique. Sizes will vary. Custom sizes available.
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