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Serving Boards

These unique serving boards were artfully crafted to elevate your food. From the delicious appetizers at your next gathering to a stay at home wine, cheese and movie night; these serving boards take things to a new level. Beginning with the end in mind, each board is a composition designed to frame a multitude of delicacies.

These limited run serving boards, milled from Kansas City Honey Locust trees are finished with food safe ‘Odies Oil.’ Though durable enough for use on floors and exterior wood, this oil is a solvent-free, stain-free, non-toxic, wood butter, perfect for the long life of these custom serving boards. I have chosen to work with this American made finish for its beauty, durability, safety, and ease of maintenance. Simply wash by hand with warm soapy water then store cutting boards on their edge.

If the finish ever needs a touch-up, contact sproutedsteel and we will send you fresh finishing oil for free. It will come with very simple instructions on how you can easily apply a fresh finish. Alternatively, you can also send the board back to our workshop for a free in-house finish.


Each board is individually priced for size and uniqueness.

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